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Moving is a major life event- local moving companies understand that. It is a no brainer: moving your own home or office is a very stressful and tedious process. You may assume you can handle a move on your own. Especially if you’re moving within the same city (or even the same neighborhood). Moving day is one of lives most stressful events. A lot can go wrong, like damages to your property, premises or personal injuries. Not to mention the general headache of having to worry about orchestrating the entire move.


It can seem like the easier and smarter choice to do it all yourself. Until moving day arrives and everything ends up taking a lot longer than anticipated. And you end up racking up hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages. Here are the five reasons why we think it is very important to hire a professional moving company in Santa Rosa to ensure your relocation is a successful one.



Hiring a professional moving company takes away a substantial amount of stress. First of all, renting and driving an over-sized truck is a big task to handle. You also have to worry about rounding up as many friends and family members as you can to help with your move.

Then, there is all of the physical labor that goes into wrapping up all your furniture, carrying all the heavy boxes and furniture to the truck, and arranging it in the truck in a way that fits as much in as possible (so you don’t have to take multiple trips) without damaging anything. Then, you have to unload everything when you arrive to your new destination. 


Some moving companies like – Fresh Start Movers of Santa Rosa, CA – also offer packing services so you won’t even have to lift a finger. Our expert team can pack your entire home or simply just the kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about taking time out of your busy schedule.

If you want to relieve yourself from stress and anxiety, leave the responsibilities to the professionals in the moving industry. Doing so can give you more time to relax and spend with your family, friends, and loved ones before the big day approaches.


Moving on your own often presents challenges that can quickly turn what should be a four hour move into an all day event, even if you have friends and family helping you. Professional movers can do this quickly due to their experience and know-how (not to mention the equipment they have access to).


In most cases, you only have a certain amount of time in which your move needs to be completed. Rushing to complete your move can lead to a variety of mishaps including lost time and broken or missing items. Additionally, unless you have a large moving truck, you’re going to find yourself hauling multiple loads back and forth to complete the move.


Also, moving can be expensive if it is not carefully planned out. Last minute expenses such as extra boxes, bubble wrap, gas and paying for last minute help can really add up. You may even end up having to replace anything that is lost or damaged. Instead of trying to do everything on your own, Fresh Start Movers located in Santa Rosa can provide you with a free in-home estimate so you know exactly what to expect during your move.


Lastly, moving takes time so you will likely have to miss work to get everything done which will result in lost wages. You’ll have to take more time off of work to complete your move.



Without proper training and experience, you are much more likely to damage your belongings. Professional movers will not only ensure nothing is damaged but also have the experience of packing things for safe and secure transport. When you hire professional movers, they arrive at your home with professional moving equipment, tools and furniture pads. This allows for moving items easily and damage-free, and so on.


Moving on your own without proper insurance coverage makes your belongings susceptible to damage. And if you incur a loss or damage during your move, you may spend more money on the replacement of everything you may have damaged.


However, when you opt to hire a licensed and insured moving company, your belongings are protected throughout the moving process. And in the rare event where something is damaged, reputable moving companies have moving insurance to help cover your losses.



Without a doubt, one of the most dreaded task during a move is the tedious job of packing your belongings. Professional movers are trained to pack efficiently, safely and do it quicker. What could take you weeks may only take them a day or two. 


Moving companies that offer a packing service send experts to your home that safely and efficiently pack every item for you, while you sit back and relax. Not all moving companies offer a packing service, so be sure to ask. Fresh Start Movers provides full-service packing, partial packing and unpacking so you can focus on other important matters.



Having the appropriate tools and materials is a big part. of making sure that a move goes smoothly as it can. Unfortunately, a borrowed truck from a friend does not come with the right equipment to move your stuff safely, another reason you’d want to hire professional help. They come with the right gadgets to make moving simpler.


As most pieces of furniture are bulky and heavy, using proper equipment is necessary when handling these items. This is, of course, to ensure that you and your belongings are safe during the move. In such a case, well-trained movers can move items without compromising safety. With the help of highly specialized moving equipment used for specific types of furniture. Such as hand trucks, shrink wrap, straps, dollies, floor runners, moving blankets, and tools. Don’t worry, professionals are prepared. 


Although it may be tempting to try and DIY your next move, hiring professionals is the way to go if you want a stress free move. You’ll ultimately need a trustworthy moving service provider for your precious furniture. They know how to troubleshoot when things don’t go as planned. Also, they have the experience to help them complete the job efficiently. 


Use this article as a guide to convince you that hiring top rated movers is a must for furniture moving. Make the right decision and go with a pro. Fresh Start Movers is located in Santa Rosa, California. Providing above and beyond moving services for all of Sonoma county and surrounding North Bay areas


Happy Moving!