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Avoid the Stress of Packing on Your Own

Are you struggling with the idea of having to pack up your home by yourself? With a stack of cardboard boxes and miles of packing tape strewn across the house, this step of the moving process is often people’s least favorite. But with Fresh Start Movers, you can simply relax and count on our professional packing services.

With both partial and full-service packing options, you can decide how much help you want and relieve the stress involved with this intimidating part of your move. Our team is well-trained in providing the most efficient packing and moving services, from securely wrapping furniture to effective boxing procedures.

Choose How Much Help You Need

As our customer, we want you to be able to do as much or as little work as you want to for your move. That’s why we offer different options with our packing services, giving you the chance to decide how much help you need and what you can afford.

Partial Packing Plan

Some people may not need help packing every single room of their home, so we offer partial packing services to fill the gap of remaining work. Specific rooms like kitchens, garages, and sheds can be much more labor-intensive and time-consuming to pack. From a single space in your home up to every room but one, we’ll handle whatever you can’t or don’t want to pack yourself.

Full-Service Packing Plan

And for those who don’t want to touch a single box or peel even one piece of tape, we also have full-service packing options available. We’ll take care of every room, every piece of furniture, and every trinket in your entire home. Then, once everything has been delivered to your new place, we will also unpack your boxes and help you get each belonging where it goes.


When you arrive in your new home we can partially or completely unpack your belongings. This includes organizing, putting everything in its new place and the removal of all packing debris and boxes. With us unpacking you can simply put your feet up on the couch, relax and begin to enjoy your new home!

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